The story behind the fragrance:

"…This scent was inconceivable, indescribable, could not be categorized in any way-it really ought not to exist at all. And yet there it was as plain and splendid as day. Grenouille followed it, his fearful heart pounding, for he suspected that it was not he who followed the scent, but the scent that had captured him and was drawing him irresistibly to it…"

" Perfume Patrick Süskind"


VENIN NOIR  - Venin originates from the word "Venom" in English

The design of the perfume bottle possesses fragrance and character,composed of the figure and power of a wild animal.

It borrows characteristics from the world of strong, bold and ambitious women.

The ritual of perfumery embodies darkness and mystery and is performed by collecting perfume (the" Venom") into the bottle by using a glass stopper.
The glass stopper,which resembles a wild animals claw or tooth,clutches the bottle with one of its claws while the other lifts the glass stopper which contains the collected "venom".It then applies the perfume to its neck and wrists,simulating the motion of the passing of scent from one animal to another.

At the end of the ceremony it returns the glass stopper its place and is ready to leave for battle.

The bottle was designed as if a "MasterPiece",The unique scent was concocted especially by a professional Perfumer.

Materials and Technique: Black Porcelain,Molding,Complex patterns.

Eden Hevroni is the Gold Medal winner of
in the Worldwide competition for Porcelain Design
with her Design


Next promising designer   עדן חברוני עיצוב אומנות פיסול בושם טרנטולה בניין ודיור החממה מעצבת מוצר בצלאל ארס שחור VENIN NOIR LALIQUE מארק צצולה  tank israel ישראל sushi סושי כלים מיוחדים כלי אוכל מיוחדים מתנות שרשרת ביגלה pretzel porcelain עיצוב פרוצלן מצטיין FRANZ פורצלן קרמיקה חימר טנק אקדח עם שירים צבר  Gold Medal קקטוס cactus בושם טרנטולה Tarantula perfume הילד הסורי מוזיאון תערוכה גלריה יד ושם מוזיאון נחום גוטמן מוזיאון תל אביב  Bezalel  The Wall Street Journal זהב מפת ישראל מימיה צהל סין  ETSY  Porcelain Pretzel necklace Jerusalem design week Gold Award Franz Award Asia  design museum holon museum Pacific Cultural Creative Industry Association and  Beijing Today Art Museum     poland  Marek Cecula  ćmielów

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