3D Pyramid Mashrabiya

The basic assumption in the design of the project is the reliance on these ancient processes, the search for a root element and rapid construction, with reference to the existing space.

A The scale referred to the scale of the person and the space in which the unit stands, thinking to give the feeling that a whole unit / wall can protect a person.

The model was printed courtesy of 3DFACTORY


Shade and Shading Studio: Modular Ceramic Elements in Architecture 
Department of Ceramics and Glass Design ,Bezalel

One of the primary aims of architecture is to create thermal comfort in a building's interior and immediate surroundings. Correct shading is an effective means for enhancing the functioning of a built element by regulating natural energy sources such as sunlight and wind. Shading solutions carry considerable weight in determining a building's urban façade and its interaction with its environment.

This exhibition is the product of a collaboration between the Department of Ceramics and Glass Design at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and Design Museum Holon. This collaboration was conceived out of the recognition that every effort should be made to found the design professions on unique cultural values that correspond with local climate and resources.

The students experienced industrial designing and production techniques, from planning, through building models and prototypes for serial production, to executing the products by means of the appropriate production method; all of which ultimately defined the results of the independent formal analysis of the architectonic ceramic unit conducted individually by each student. The students' projects constitute a direct continuation of the regional planning logic, and the thinking that engages in channeling air and light and in adapting architectural openings and space to local climatic conditions. The exhibition maps the visual and functional opportunities proposed by the basic units and their assemblage alongside a morphological study that takes into account relevant practical considerations, and delves in to the properties of the material.

Lena Dubinsky, Head of Design in the faculty of Ceramics and Glass Design, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design

Curator: Galit Gaon, Lena Dubinsky

"Urban Shade", Design Museum Holon, Holon, Israel