At this moment, on the other side of the world laying a dead body of BOY.
A BOY without identity, without belonging, a BOY of no one.

This BOY is me, is you, is us, is ours.


An escape room is a space where imagined reality becomes tangible. In this space, the visitor undergoes a process of confrontation with mysteries which must be resolved to enable him to continue the journey and be free.

Israel currently has dozens of escape rooms on a variety of themes. They serve as challenging social games, encouraging teamwork. Escape rooms were developed by the Japanese Takao Kato from Kyoto who, as a child, dreamed of turning stories into real adventures that would fire the imagination.

We suggest that visitors approach the exhibition as if the museum space itself were a kind of escape room in which each work displayed there hides at its core the artist's secret motive for creating the art work. The viewer is invited to try and decipher the work and to discover the personal experience that becomes universal and boundary-crossing.

Curators: Dalia Levin, Miri Ben-Moshe Venezi

"Escape RoomNahum Gutman Museum of Art , Tel Aviv, Israel