Israeli Designer – Eden Hevroni’s Unique Perfume Bottle “VENIN NOIR” Won the  Gold Medal in Porcelain Design Group!

The 2016 Franz Award organized by Asia‐Pacific Cultural Creative Industry Association and  Beijing Today Art Museum has become the world’s most anticipated professional porcelain design  competition.

It has attracted 1,414 groups of designers from 31 countries including Taiwan, China,  Japan, Germany, the U.S., Italy, Israel, Korea, Spain, Poland, Russia, Norway and Czech

Republic this April to compete for the grand prize.


After several rounds of selection, the results were announced on the awarding ceremony on  November 30th. Israeli designer Eden Hevroni’s unique and artistic artwork “VENIN NOIR”

won the gold medal in porcelain design group and the gold medal for concept design group goes to Jin Zhangfrom China whose work creates a new way of making molds.


Since 2007, Franz Award has expanded from Taiwan to China and to a global scale;  it has  attracted nearly ten thousand up‐and coming designers from over 40 countries to participate.    Every year the Franz Award has a specific theme that highlights the competition and lets  contestants from different countries to go beyond cultural barriers and inspire innovative

thinking.  This year marks the tenth anniversary of Franz Award and the theme is “Shine”.

To the competition, every piece of artwork is a star that points the direction of future

porcelain design and shines in our  lives.

Next promising designer   עדן חברוני עיצוב אומנות פיסול בושם טרנטולה בניין ודיור החממה מעצבת מוצר בצלאל ארס שחור VENIN NOIR LALIQUE מארק צצולה  tank israel ישראל sushi סושי כלים מיוחדים כלי אוכל מיוחדים מתנות שרשרת ביגלה pretzel porcelain עיצוב פרוצלן מצטיין FRANZ פורצלן קרמיקה חימר טנק אקדח עם שירים צבר  Gold Medal קקטוס cactus בושם טרנטולה Tarantula perfume הילד הסורי מוזיאון תערוכה גלריה יד ושם מוזיאון נחום גוטמן מוזיאון תל אביב  Bezalel  The Wall Street Journal זהב מפת ישראל מימיה צהל סין  ETSY  Porcelain Pretzel necklace Jerusalem design week Gold Award Franz Award Asia Pacific Cultural Creative Industry Association and  Beijing Today Art Museum